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2007 Featured Contractor

Project 416: The Tate Family 

Here are just a few examples of great testimonials from among our many satisfied clients:

(813) 902-8453

Tampa, FL

Michael & Denise

Tampa, FL

We had previously hired Pando Flooring to replace our kitchen and bathroom floors with two different styles of porcelain and wanted to replace our dining room floor (which had vinyl wood looking floors) and the hallway and living room floors (which had carpeting).

After great discussion with John at Pando Flooring, he suggested for us to go with laminate wood flooring for the cost and the look. After much research on the subject of all forms of wood flooring, it became apparent that our two small dogs could ruin the floor with just one accident during the night. Thus my wife and I wanted something that would last longer and was cost efficient, therefore we decided on going with the porcelain floors. John said that due to the fact we had one style of porcelain in the kitchen and another style of porcelain for the bathrooms, which we should select one of the two to make it so that the whole house matches flooring and not make it look as an afterthought.

My wife and I selected to match our previously installed kitchen floor porcelain. We called Marion and were able to get additional tiles that matched our kitchen tiles that we purchased a couple of months before. The job estimate was to move the furniture from one side of the room to the next to replace the flooring in the dining room and living room. My wife and I thought of this and the time it would take them too continually to move the furniture to perform the job and decided that it would not be time effective.

So upon much research we were able to rent a U-Haul 19’ truck for four days to store our furniture in while the flooring was being replaced. The cost was just under $200 and well worth the investment of moving heavy delicate furniture over and over.

The job started on a Monday and John dropped off the baseboards for me to paint (prior to being installed). The job was completely on Thursday afternoon and my wife and I could not be any happier with our choice of tile or those to install it.

We would definitely recommend Pando Flooring to anyone and would provide a high recommendation for them. 

Michael & Denise

Tampa, FL

My wife and I had selected the porcelain flooring tile that we wanted to replace our kitchen and two bathroom’s flooring at a local discount warehouse and needed someone to install it. After getting names from Angie’s List of vendors in my area that would install someone else’s product and received estimates from the top three vendors in our area. We selected Pando Flooring for the job; due to John Pando’s knowledge, professionalism and estimate. John and I walked the entire flooring area where John explained to me what needed to be done and how he and his team will achieve that. We also asked him while he was in our home to provide us with an estimate to replace both bathrooms’ vanity countertops.

After some thought as to the tile we selected, we thought we would see what Pando Flooring had to offer in porcelain tile to see if we would like something better than what we had. We made the appointment to the office (special Saturday hours by appointment for those who cannot make it during the business week) and met Marion (John’s better half). She was delightful, professional and very knowledgeable about the products they had to offer and even installation of those products. After reviewing their sample porcelain tiles, we found tiles for both the kitchen and both bathrooms that we liked better than those we had previously purchased. So we chose Pando Flooring to install the porcelain tiles that we selected and also made appointment to see granite countertops (which we also liked and purchased).

We set the date to have the job performed. They called ahead of time to confirm details of the installation and also so we can move items that would be in the way of the date of installation. The installation day came and they started bright and early and worked very hard throughout all of the daylight hours. As every home job goes, there were obstacles discovered along the way. But the obstacles were no problem for them as they continued to work on through it. Between the flooring being laid and the installation of the vanities and granite countertops, the job lasted a little longer than they anticipated. Many others may have rushed the job to get it done and sacrificed quality workmanship in the process, but this was not the case with Pando Flooring as they went back to check their own workmanship to verify that it meets their own stamp of approval.

Although we did not know John and Marion Pando prior to this contract, we felt like we were treated like friends and they actually became our friends during the process. We would highly recommend them to anyone interested in their services.

Megan F.

Tampa, FL

We recently had our kitchen countertops replaced and tile backsplash installed by Pando Flooring and we are extremely happy with the results. John and Marion Pando were very professional, helpful, and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I would highly recommend Pando Flooring for their excellent customer service and quality work.

Julie S.

Tampa, FL

My husband and I have contracted with Pando Flooring both for carpeting in our bedrooms and stone backsplash in our kitchen. On both occasions, we were completely thrilled with the results. We were given advice on both the practical and esthetic levels that was proof positive that John and Marion listened to us. The work was done in a timely manner with great attention to detail. I would highly recommend the services of Pando Flooring to anyone who appreciates professionalism. 

Jane P.

Tampa Bay Area

(via Angie's List)

We were uncertain about replacing the carpet with wood or tile. Pando provided multiple alternatives, and based on the other flooring in our house made the appropriate suggestion of wood over tile. We selected multiple samples which Pando brought to our house. They made suggestions, we selected, and they ordered and delivered quickly. Pando moved the furniture, removed the carpet, ground down the imperfections in the concrete floor, installed the wood floors, cleaned up superbly and replaced the furniture in two days time. Truly a professional operation. We were very happy with everything Pando did and everyone we worked with.

Gene L.

Tampa, FL

John and Marion with Pando Flooring replaced the floor tile throughout my apartment including the tile in both the master bathroom and also the guest bath. The floor tile replacement was far from simple as it involved removing the existing tile floor and then leveling a very uneven sub-floor prior to installing the new tile. John made sure that every aspect of the floor prep was perfect before proceeding.

The final result was outstanding in all respects and John and Marion were very much professionals in all phases of the process. From being instrumental in picking the perfect materials and colors to working through to the finished product. Overall, they combined a very professional approach with a lot of knowledge, experience and high quality - just what you want in a contractor.

I am pleased to give John and Marion with Pando Flooring my highest endorsement and will definitely use them on any future tile jobs.

Claudia B.

Tampa, FL

Over the course of several months, Pando Flooring installed the following in my home:

  • kitchen: granite counters & glass backsplash
  • master bathroom: new walk-in shower/tile from the foundation up; granite counter & tile flooring
  • guest bathroom: granite counter & tile flooring

As president of a national purchasing cooperative, the suppliers I value most are not those who work for me but those who work with me as a team effort. Pando Flooring made me feel that from my initial visit to their showroom. They listened to what I was trying to achieve, helped with selection & did a superb job getting everything installed. I love how everything makes my older South Tampa home look new. If you are interested in seeing the finished product, I would be glad to show off Pando Flooring's workmanship & my new updated rooms.

John S.

Tampa, FL

I think I can pretty much sum up our experience with Pando in one word .....excellent. I interviewed a few other tile companies before ultimately deciding on Pando. John Pando does the estimate and coordinates the install of the job while his wife handles the showroom for the flooring products. Having John come out for the initial estimate ensures you actually get a tile installer with experience telling you what to expect when they remove the old flooring. Marion was very knowledgeable in the flooring choices and provided regular updates as to the status of the tile ordered. I live in a neighborhood with $2-3 million homes and what turned me on to Pando was that they were the flooring contractor on almost all of these projects. They have also repaired numerous bathrooms in town homes in our neighborhood due to sloppy contractor work during the initial build. The installer that they utilize (Jeremy) was always on time or a few minutes early. He put in long days in at times miserable conditions (they had to grind the floor to level) and always had a fantastic attitude. His attention to detail was incredible, as I saw him lay and re-lay tiles numerous times to ensure they were absolutely perfect. What I really liked about dealing with Pando is that they always told me the truth, and everything they did was to a level of excellence. There were no corners cut or flaws hidden. They fixed what was wrong and made it perfect. We are going to redo our guest bedroom and our master bathroom in the next year or two and I will undoubtedly be calling Pando to do the work. 

M. B.

Tampa, FL

I couldn't be happier with the work done by Pando Flooring. Our granite counter top and tile backsplash gets compliments from everyone who sees it. I've recommended them to everyone in our community. 

Theresa F.

Tampa, FL

John and Marion Pando and their staff are professional, courteous and very helpful. They work with you to get the materials, products and colors that suit your style and requirements. The company put in all my tile floors throughout my condo and new tile in bathrooms — on walls as well as floor. They not only worked as contracted within the time limits but cleaned up after themselves as well. Floors were ready for furniture placement without any extra work.

Casey C

Tampa, FL

From March 5th through March 7th this year Pando flooring remodeled our kitchen. They installed granite counter tops, hand scraped hardwood flooring, tile back splash and a tile back splash on the front of the bar. Everything looks AMAZING! Our experience with Pando flooring from the design through build process was great! We have very busy work schedules and children in the home and Pando Flooring scheduled the install around our schedule and makes the entire process easy! John and his crew did a fantastic job on the installations, their attention to detail and commitment to quality is very apparent. Were so proud of our home and we gets lots of compliments from family and friends. I would highly recommend Pando Flooring to anyone considering a remodeling job.

Alison A

Tampa, FL

Pando Flooring has done numerous jobs in my house. Dating from several years agoup to the most recent job done in December, 2011. I am very pleased with all the jobs, workmanship, detail and professionalism. My bathrooms were done several years ago and I still love how beautiful they are, they assisted me in designing my master bath during my remodeling, an architect could not have done a better job.

Leon W.

Tampa, FL

I've had Pando Flooring do three separate jobs in my home and then one at my business. They did our complete bathroom re-model, granite counter top, tile floor, and custom tiled shower enclosure, the tile work is in a word "art". Marion Pando's ideas on how to tie all of the colors together were spot on perfect and their installer made her vision reality. Their communication before, during, and after the job has been fantastic.

We later had them do our new kitchen and we were invited to select the granite piece we wanted. I am pretty sure they would let anyone do this as it's critical because the granite is so individual. We made it a point to be present during installation because when you spend that kind of money on a unique piece of stone it's nice to be able make the decisions. The installation was again spot on perfect and the pass-through granite top bar that they designed added more usable space to our home.

Months later we had Pando Flooring install pre-distressed hardwood floors in our entire home. The job took a little longer than anyone else's estimates because Pando wouldn't install the wood on un-even concrete; they ground the concrete down and poured some areas to level it out. The result is a GREAT floor that doesn't squeak or flex like others we've seen.

Lastly, I recently had Pando Flooring install new flooring in some of my South Tampa store. I couldn't be happier with the work they've done and I highly recommend them.

Just a note, my business neighbor is another LARGE flooring company but I will call on Pando Flooring for any of my granite, tile, or flooring needs.